A Low Key Christmas


A Low Key Christmas is a 13-song “collab” album by American LoFi producer & musician, Low Key Trampoline. The Chillhop/Ambient/Jazz record presents collaborations between Low Key Trampoline and 15 other artists, featuring newly-imagined anti-traditional Christmas songs, medieval carols, and seasonal meditations.

About the Project:
I started talking to people about the project back in March of 2021, a full 8 months before my anticipated release date. I knew I wanted this to be a very special project. I wanted to work with some of the producers with whom I’d admired and collaborated with during 2020/21, and I had to get a jump on this if I was going to get done by November!

This project is a shining representation of the incredible talent, diversity and musicality within the LoFi music community. These artists welcomed me when I arrived, supported me when I was finding my voice as Low Key Trampoline, and gradually turned into partners in collaboration leading up to this project. I feel so honored that these remarkable artists trusted me with their sounds and expressions.

I feel this project is an exquisite example of the intense discipline, joy, and pursuit of creative freedom that marks the careers and trajectories of those involved. Plus, Christmas music can be horrible to listen to, and I wanted to create a newly imagined collection of songs that could be tolerated – and even embraced – by all of us who know there is goodness in this X-mas canon, beyond what the blare of shopping mall Christmas songs has offered to us. With the determination, creativity, and playfulness of these collaborators, I think we’ve made a damn good Christmas album. Damn good.
– Mark Schirmacher (Low Key Trampoline)

About Low Key Trampoline:
Low Key Trampoline is a musical project by Minnesota, USA musician, songwriter, and producer, Mark Schirmacher. Since 2020, Mark has been writing and collaborating with other artists as Low Key Trampoline, releasing music in the LoFi, Ambient, and Singer-Songwriter communities.