A collab album with lofi/ambient/boom-bap/experimental artists Odem Medo, with me, with you, Djande, Offghost, Dcthebeatmaker, CrimsonKey, Torgny Elgstrand, Nate Clover, and Tonight The Stars Will Speak.

Artwork by Kgaogelo MAd Mafafo

1972 is the year I was born. All my life I’ve been making music with different people, with myself, with groups, playing shows, writing songs, experimenting, pressing CDs, making concert flyers, woodshedding my sound, singing and jamming with friends, and this year – this milestone 50th birthday year – I wanted to give myself a special gift. So, back in May of 2022, I reached out to a handful of artists I’ve known of, worked with, or otherwise admired, and asked them if they’d like to be part of a collab (collaboration) album this coming fall. I got some yes’s, some no’s, and some maybe’s…I moved on with the yes’s and the resulting album released today – September 27th, 2022. 50 years after I was released into the world. 

Kgaogelo MAd Mafafo is a South African branding designer and illustrator. The design of this album cover is based on historical events that occured the year 1972 in the home countries of the artists on this record – Sweden, Japan, France, Portugal, and the USA – and the images he used represent those significant global events.

The 9 artists who worked on this record with me are all accomplished artists, producers, and people in the LoFi/Ambient/Beats scene in their own regions – Sweden, Japan, France, Portugal, and the USA – and I am so happy they included me in their production schedules to work on these songs together. The process was simple: I considered an artist’s body of work, their genre, their “sound”, and then crafted a set of stems (musical ideas to form the basis of our “song” in a WAV format), that started them out on a production path. They, in turn, worked with those stems, adding their own musical elements – beats, other instruments, arrangement ideas – and when they were satisfied, sent back a fully-produced song for the album.

Each artist imbued their own style, sensibilities, and genre-tone into their songs and even though all the stems began as my musical ideas, I was delighted to hear so much musical diversity coming back at me. My musical palate is wide and varied, but I could have NEVER conceived or accomplished the genre variety and complexity of arrangement that these artists brought to the music. I’m blown away, delighted, amazed, and humbled by their generosity, creativity, and willingness to contribute to the project.

Released on NK Music Records, “1972 : Here and Gone” represents 2.5 years of work, relationships, and musical expansion I’ve forged as Low Key Trampoline, and when you get a moment, listen to the album in its entirety and enjoy the diversity and vast imagination of this music.

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Low Key Trampoline is a musical project I started in February of 2020 as a way to explore a more immediate, self-produced approach to music creation. In August of 2020, DC The Beatmaker invited me to his legendary Sunset Sessions as a LoFi producer, and that experience introduced me to the world of LoFi artists, listeners, and the genre as a whole. Since then, I’ve been using all the instruments at my disposal – acoustic & electric guitar, bass, piano, synthesizers, banjo, mandolin, dobro, hand drums, xylophone, harmonicas, nature sounds, beats & samples – to create LoFi / Ambient / Jazz / Experimental music. I am a dedicated collaborator, working with artists from all over the world – Germany, South Africa, Australia, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Korea, UAE, Mexico, and from across the U.S. I love collaborating with other artists & producers, and am just as comfortable producing as I am contributing tracks to a project. If you’d like to work together, hit me up and let’s get something started ~ “Music should be of the moment, an outward transmission from our hearts, a decisive reflection of our internal landscape”

“Yellow String Memory” EP on Tsunami Sounds records (artwork by Fée Brandt, Art Direction by Behind Walls Media)