I draw down the shade, 2011

I draw down the shade to separate cool blue moonlight snow fantasy
from yellow space interior popcorn smells as sleep fastens to young roots
Your car does not come up the street so I draw down the shade
The scene out the window is nice perhaps too nice so I draw down the shade
block out the beauty or keep it in
A light-footed ox works and breathes through yet another perfect day of problems and solutions
matrimonial sugar lumps side by side with homemade doughnut holes
and this magnificent and traditional creature bears the weight of this day on his shoulders
as he plows and plows – this is his art form
and behind him drags not a crude blade nor progressive farm implement
but instead this gorgeous day
kicking and screaming, beginning to yield and soften
(blade to earth) and become fertile abundant soil from which another day will spring
I allow this simple beast to pull this day forward as I draw down the shade
separate myself from the night outside my walls
and welcome the yellowy carpeted bedtime routines of child rearing fame
speaking words of encouragement to the ox – our engine –
I stare for a moment out the window
memorizing the blueness
letting those possibilities continue without me

A hand on the cord I draw down the shade and turn back into my domain
where kids bathe and fight as we all prepare to ride the ox tomorrow
I keep this moment in my heart space until you come home
I will kiss your forehead and warm your body with all I have left
There are some things that I do not give away to this splendid moment
I’m saving them for you