New Album by Mark Schirmacher



New Music Video of “Are You Okay?”


“There is a lot to like here. Mark Schirmacher may be working with age old musical materials, there is after all little new under the sun, but he still manages to put his songs together in a way that offers new and interesting prospects and potential. We have all heard music like this before, yet you have never heard music quite like this before. Now that’s clever.”

Dave Franklin, The Swindonian

“Bird in Your Tree is a solid batch of songs in the folk genre and Schirmacher is a worthy practitioner and someone who is devoted to his craft. This shows through on each of the seven songs here, as each is put together with gentle meticulousness and as each offers a little something different from the last and yet leaves the listener with a sense of having heard something wholly beautiful and as original as a chorus of birds.”

Jamie Robash, Divide and Conquer Music