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As a student of the creative process, I am fascinated by how things happen.  How new works emerge from material, decisions, external influences, and vision. I have started work on my new album and I’d like to try something this time around. During the construction of this new as-yet-unnamed record, I’ll be adding my thoughts, puzzles, tidbits and reflections to the “New Album Blog” on this here website. If the creative process is your bag, then check back occasionally to see how someone else does it. See you soon- m



Latest Press

““Are You Okay?” is a new touching, emotional and forward-thinking single.”  Peter Vidani, The Bandcamp Diaries

“Are You Okay?” is a rare example of gut level, honest songwriting, filled with poetic sincerity.  Dan Macintosh, SKOPE Magazine

“We have all heard music like this before, yet you have never heard music quite like this before. Now that’s clever.”  Dave Franklin, The Swindonian

“…wholly beautiful and as original as a chorus of birds.”  Jamie Robash, Divide and Conquer Music




The Interviews

Check out recent in-studio performances and interviews:

KUWS Superior Wisconsin, 2018

WIDR Kalamazoo Michigan, 2018



New Music Video

“Are You Okay?”