1972 : Here and gone

“1972 : Here and Gone” is a collab album celebrating the work and relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to forge the past 2+ years as Low Key Trampoline. Releasing on NK Music Records on September 27th, this album features the production of 9 artist / producers using my musical stems as a starting point, and creating their own songs bearing their own, unique musical personalities. A pan-genre album, ‘1972’ is expressive, original, almost wholly instrumental, and is not only one of the coolest birthday presents I could ever get, but also a project that feels completely unique to me, but also recognizable by these artists’ unmistakable sounds: Offghost, CrimsonKey, Odem Medo, Tonight The Stars Will Speak, Nate Clover, DC The Beatmaker, Djande, with me, with you, and Torgny Elgstrand.


Mark Schirmacher, Jer, and Axe Balloon playing LIVE in Minneapolis in October

October 22, 7pm Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative, 3134 California St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418