DueNorth Aster 2

DueNorth have been playing music together since first picking up their instruments sometime in the ’80s.  Since then, they’ve been collaborating and spinning out their ever-evolving blend of folk, rock, pop and Americana in clubs, cafes, garages, house parties and other venues around the Twin Cities. As a band full of songwriters – Mark Schirmacher, Chris Koshiol, Chriss Mester, and Glenn Olson – their repertoire includes a bevy of original songs that are borne out their varying and sympathetic influences: Dylan, The Jayhawks, U2, Trip Shakespeare, Prince, Bon Jovi, Beatles, The Eagles, Chet Atkins, Steely Dan, Semisonic, Willy Nelson, Rush…

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DueNorth’s live shows are where the magic happens. For booking or performance info, reach out to us here:

DueNorth Band