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“Are You Okay?” is a rare example of gut level, honest songwriting, filled with poetic sincerity.  Skope Magazine

“Are You Okay?” is a new touching, emotional and forward-thinking single.”  The Bandcamp Diaries



“Are You Okay?,” a song from Mark Schirmacher’s “Bird In Your Tree” album, is as special as it gets. On it, Mark was able to combine both rock and folk elements together to create this gem that is gentle in nature yet exuberant enough to keep your soul enlivened.

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“Schirmacher’s ability to create moods with seeming ease is something that really stands out on Bird in Your Tree.” Divide and Conquer album review – Published March 30, 2018


“There is a lot to like here. Mark Schirmacher may be working with age old musical materials, there is after all little new under the sun, but he still manages to put his songs together in a way that offers new and interesting prospects and potential. We have all heard music like this before, yet you have never heard music quite like this before. Now that’s clever.”  The Swindonian – Published June 14, 2018



“I could imagine Mark getting comments on his music remind people of everyone from The Righteous Brothers to Elvis Presley, Neil Young or Roy Orbison, all the way to more modern-day acts like Spiritualized or Ben Gibbard.”   Sleeping Bag Studios



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